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Archive: Mar 2014

  1. What Your Favorite Diamond Cut Reveals About You

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    Are you classic and traditional, or perhaps you’re daring and adventurous? Did you know your favorite diamond shape or cut can actually reveal things about your personality? It’s true! Let’s take a look at what your best friend might be saying about you!

    roundRound The Round cut diamond is considered to be most classic and most sought after cut. Made up of 58 facets, the circular shape is meant to represent endless love. The Round cut diamond is perfect for the conservative woman with traditional values, and who is hopeless romantic.

    imagesCushion The Cushion cut diamond evokes the essence and elegance of 1920’s glamour. Being very similar to that of the Round cut, with an extra touch of distinction – the Cushion cut diamond belongs on the woman who loves the vintage look. She is also traditional and conservative, but has a tendency to let loose from time to time.

    images (1)Princess The Princess cut is becoming more and more popular because of its chic and modern shape, and beautiful sparkle. The Princess cut diamond will likely be found on the hand of a woman who is known to set the trends. She is exciting and vivacious, and tends to be the life of the party.

    Pearimages (2) The Pear cut offers a traditional feel with a clear mark of individuality. The woman who wears this cut is a traditional romantic, but strives to stand out and shine as an individual.  She holds herself to high standards and values stability.

    images (3)Marquise The Marquise cut diamond is flashy and extravagant in its appearance. Its facets, designed to make the diamond appear to be larger than it is, is perfect for the woman who loves being the center of attention, and leaving a memorable impression.

    images (4)Oval The Oval cut, although similar to the Round, offers a creative distinction. The Oval cut will likely rest of the hand of a woman who values elegance and sophistication but wants something a bit more unique and creative than the classical round cut.

    images (5)Emerald The Emerald cut features an open style concept that symbolizes and open heart. The emerald cut belongs on the woman who is proud and confident in who she is. This diamond, like her, leaves nothing to hide.

    images (6)Radiant The Radiant cut combines the chic and modern trend-setting style of the Princess cut, with the open elegance of the Emerald cut. The woman who wears the Radiant cut is flirty and vivacious like her Princess cut loving sisters, but also is straightforward and grounded like those who gravitate towards the emerald cut.

    images (7)Heart The Heart cut diamond symbolizes pure romance and true love. The woman who wears her heart on her diamond, has been in love with love, and dreamt of her fairytale romance all of her life. She is a hopeless romantic who searches for the good in all things.

    There you have it, where do you fit in? Does your favorite cut give an accurate reflection of who you are? Here at Tennies Jewelry, we take pride in providing jewelry that speaks to you and your personality. We have something for every personality type here. If you don’t see something that’s just right for you, ask one of our experts to help design something one-of-a-kind!

  2. How to Choose the Right Engagement Ring

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    So you’re planning to pop the big question. You’ve been planning the perfect moment, the perfect way to ask her, but what about that perfect ring to present to her? Picking out the right engagement ring for that special woman is one of the most significant and memorable times in your life.

    Luckily, you’ve come to the right place. Tennies Jewelry has been serving the Fox Valley for over 100 years. We are GIA certified and have our very own custom design specialists and gold smiths on staff. Over the years the experts here at Tennies have identified a few “best-practices” to help out our soon-to-be grooms pick the right ring.

    Pay attention to her social media activity –
    One great place to get an idea of her style and what she likes, are her social media profiles.
    Start with Facebook. Has she made comments on pictures of her friends’ rings? What are the features of that ring she said she loved? Next, Pinterest is great because everything is image focused, giving you ideal visuals! Has she pinned or re-pinned any ideas on Pinterest? Gather a few of those pictures and bring them in to the experts at Tennies, our custom designers can even design a one-of-a-kind ring just for her based on what she loves!

    Listen – let her tell you –
    Next time you two are strolling arm in arm and you pass a window display at a jewelry store, pay attention to what she stops and look at. Take note of what cut catches her eye, or what style she gravitates toward. Take note of quality indicators such as when she mentions multiple times how much she “absolutely loves Ashley’s engagement ring!”

    Finally, why not include her? After all, the best memories are the ones you share with her, right? Why not bring her in to Tennies and let her get swept away browsing and trying on her favorite styles! No doubt she will feel like the luckiest woman in the world. Let her pick out a few of her favorites and then surprise her with your pick.

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     Whatever questions you might have about picking the right ring; let us keep your mind at ease. The experts at Tennies are here and happy to help! Stop in, or bring her in today! The perfect engagement ring for that very special woman is waiting for you here at Tennies Jewelry.






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