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Archive: Mar 2012

  1. Online Buyers Beware!

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    This is an email we received from one of our diamond suppliers-thought it was pretty funny but very true so we wanted to share with you.
    People buy online because they THINK it is EASIER. We buy books on online bookstore because it is easy. However, people do not realize buying DIAMONDS Online is NOT EASY!!
    If a customer says they saw a diamond online, try saying this…
    “Great. Why don’t you order in the diamond and take a look? You are INSURED for that right? I mean you are having thousands of dollars shipped to your house. Does your homeowners insurance cover diamonds when they are in your possession? And you have a SCALE so you can WEIGH the diamond, right? Do you have a way to make sure they shipped you the right diamond? You have a MASTER SET of diamonds at home so you can test the correct color right. You DO know how to color grade diamonds, right? And you have TWEEZERS, a 10 POWER LOOP, and a GAUGE for measuring the dimensions, right? And be sure to use your DIAMOND TESTER so you can make sure it is not a fake. When you ship the diamonds back are you FULLY INSURED, RIGHT? What will you do if the company claims they never received them back or they were shipped incorrectly???”
    “At my Jewelry Store I do all that work for you. I have Insurance and Security. I am an expert at evaluating gems and I will do all the work for you. Would you rather support a big internet company that may close the day they get your money and keep your money and your diamond? It has happened! I am your neighbor. I have real physical address and a live person to answer questions and fix problems. Isn’t your piece of mind worth something?”

  2. Aquamarine (March Birthstone)

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    History and Folklore:

    Aquamarine is a member of the Beryl family and its name in Latin means water of the sea.  It was once referred to as “the sailor’s stone.” Sailors began to take aquamarine on sea journeys as gifts to Poseidon for safe voyages.  Legend also has it that Poseidon gave aquamarines to mermaids as gifts.  Aquamarine is also considered to be a healing stone and the Greeks believed aquamarine helped sustain youthful love.  For this reason, it is considered to have wonderful effects on married couples, making a fantastic anniversary gift.

    Facts and Information:

    Aquamarine is the birthstone for March.  The gemstones are typically heated to improve color and also to change blue/green to pure blue in color.  This is a permanent color change.  The rich deep blue color is the most valuable.

    Hardness: 7.5-8

    Cleaning Methods:

    • Warm, soapy water is safe
    • Usually safe in steamer unless included or has feathers
    • Usually safe in ultrasonic unless included or has feathers

    Major Sources: Brazil, Zambia, Nigeria, Madagascar

    *Information provided by Darling Gem Imports

  3. The Importance of Jewelry Insurance

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    Your jewelry is more than just an investment; it is a reflection of you and remembrance of all of life’s special movements. Protecting your treasured items from loss, theft or damage is of utmost importance. This is where jewelry insurance comes in.
    Jewelry insurance can be obtained in conjunction with your home owners/renters insurance or through someone who specialize in only insuring jewelry such as Jeweler Mutual.

    Things you need to know:
    • Make sure you can replace your jewelry with the same kind and quality, especially important when you own a specific brand of jewelry.
    • Make sure you can work with the jeweler of your choice for repairs and replacements. Many insurers make you work with their own network of jewelers.
    • Read the fine print – a good policy will cover every potentially threatening situation from theft to damage.
    Tennies highly recommends Jewelers Mutual Insurance Co., the leading insurer in the jewelry industry.
    While most homeowner’s policies do have coverage for personal articles, they often have limits on the types of coverage and the amount they will pay for jewelry items. The right jewelry insurance can give you worldwide coverage against accidental loss, theft, damage and mysterious disappearance. Personal jewelry insurance such as Perfect Circle™ Jewelry Insurance from Jewelers Mutual goes beyond ordinary homeowners insurance to provide such protection.

    To learn more about how to safeguard your jewelry, and get a free insurance quote, visit

  4. Aurum Design

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    Tennies is proud to carry the fabulous designs or Aurum.

    The passion and craftsmanship of Aurum Design Jewelry is fully encompassed in one word: Aurum, which is the Latin word for gold.

    Daren Schurman’s creative drive is a reflection of his lifelong interest in architecture and sculpture. He is intrigued by jewelry as a three-dimensional form and by its innate power to evoke emotions. His craftsmanship, sense of color and composition, and artistic perspective has brought him recognition within his field and the appreciation of clients for over 30 years.

    The Aurum jewelry collection is continually evolving. Creating layered and complex pieces of jewelry is the foundation of every Aurum design. Each project is an opportunity to challenge those limits and explore the possibilities of sculptural jewelry.

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